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Since 1986, the city planner has kept you informed about Mardi Gras events and other fun things to do with family in America's hometown. Some days revellers go to the water to parade in decorated boats, others hunt alligators in the swamps or search for seafood in the Gulf of Mexico; other days they ride around begging for things that culminate in community - vast gumbo. If it's warm enough or it can be volatile in Louisiana, you can even wear a swimsuit instead of a costume.

Be enchanted by the amazing crowds at the wonderful Cajun Campground and revel in the time since you paddled the trail. Plan to hike, cycle, canoe, kayak or do other outdoor activities for at least two or three days at the weekend.

This community offers some of the best experiences in Southern Louisiana, welcoming visitors from all over the state and as far away as New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Eunice is also home to Louisiana State University, which has a national baseball and softball team and welcomes visiting teams and families from across the country.

Eunice is beautiful, but it is also one of the coolest places to behave during a visit, especially in summer. This makes it a great destination in the parish of St. Landry, where everyone from antique dealers to nature lovers will find something to enjoy.

A stop on the music tour should be a visit to the Cajun Zydeco and Swamp Pop Music Festival in St. Landry, which highlights Cajiun, Zdeco and swamp pop artists. Musically interested visitors should also attend a Saturday morning jam where they can sit back with some of their music kings and throw out tunes for players of all levels. You can also visit the Eunice Theater, which hosts one of the state's most popular music festivals. Visit the theatre on Saturday when such music shows are performed, and on Sunday afternoons.

Note: If you decide to visit the museum on a Saturday morning, you will have the opportunity to listen to local musicians in the museum. Plan more walks past and stop to catch one of the chefs - away from demonstrations to learn how to waltz a Cajun.

Learn the basics of conversational Cajun French and help keep the French alive in Louisiana. You can also speak French at the Louisiana Museum of French in Baton Rouge and learn more about the history and culture of Louisiana's French-speaking communities.

Discover the roots of the music genre and learn about its famous practitioners, or learn all about the history of Cajun at the Louisiana Museum of French in Baton Rouge, where you can find a wide selection of books on the history and culture of Louisiana's French-speaking communities. CD produced by the rangers of the center, which tells the story of Cajiun- and Zydeco music. In this center and park store, CDs of a Center Ranger of Generation Next are also sold, including a CD that contains a booklet describing the origins and history of each of these music genres, as well as information about the history of music.

The history of the Acadian people, now called Cajun, unfolds in a series of stories about their history, culture and traditions.

Cajun music plays on the stage of the Pont Breaux Cajuns restaurant, which also serves excellent traditional Cjun dishes. This is a great opportunity to present and experience some of their music to an international audience.

Follow this link to learn more about Cajun countries that celebrate Mardi Gras and read more about the traditions. Looking for the best places in New Orleans to experience - listen to - fun, family, friendly and fun?

If you do know about the culture of Cajun music, this is a great place to learn more about its roots and history. This groundbreaking CD / DVD tells the story of the Creole music of the Cjun in Louisiana. For more information about the history, culture, music, and traditions of New Orleans and Louisiana, visit Generation Next.

One of the museum's main attractions is the Cajun and French Music Showcase, which showcases the music of New Orleans, Louisiana and the history of Creole music in the region. Sponsored by the Caj un French music association, it has been in existence for over 25 years and features performances by some of Louisiana's most talented musicians as well as local and international artists. Francophones in particular should not miss this show, which will be broadcast live from the beautifully restored Art Deco Liberty Theater in downtown Baton Rouge.

The Prairie Acadian Cultural Center is probably the best place to learn about the hot and rich Acadians and Cajun culture. This is a wonderful museum that shows how rich Eunice and the nearby culture and heritage of the city are. The curators of the museum are very hospitable, so you can explore the wide world of Cjun music and history simply by visiting. Other attractions in the city of E unice and other parts of Louisiana include the E Unice Depot Museum, which is the birthplace of the museum, and a number of other museums and galleries.

More About Eunice

More About Eunice