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Houston has just received its own version of the famous Eunice, Louisiana-style restaurant and bar. BRG Hospitality Group brings the popular delicacy to one place and names it after the Leonards' hometown, Louisiana.

There is a place called La Bonton Roule Club And there is another place called Levi's Club, which the Creole community calls an inaudible 00: 26: 06, and The owner of the club lives in the house next door. There is one in New Orleans, where they call the place Levi's.

The village, which opened in 1990, is a living museum and houses a museum of Creole history as well as the Eunice Performing Arts Center, which is also on the National Register of Historical Places. The dance halls listed on this website, which are still standing and in operation, include La Bonton Roule Club, Levi's Club and many other places in the area.

Built in 1949 by Claude Morein as a casino, dinner and dance club, the Southern Club quickly developed into a popular excursion spot. There is an old Cajun dance hall on the Ridge, and there is a club I recently discovered called RC.

Due to its location, the club is a popular destination for national tours of music bands making their way to and from New Orleans. The main road, Highway 190, which runs from Houston to New York City and then back to Houston, almost smacks of smacking - dabbing through the center of the city.

The best ones are discovered in a small town called Eunice, named after the wife of the founder C.C. Duson and named after her husband, the first mayor of the city.

I grew up in what my family calls "Buffalo Lake," where Davis's name is now Buffalo Lake, but it's talked about in other cities everywhere. Restaurants and bars are almost everywhere you can imagine, and you have no idea at what times these places will be open. Baton Rouge is notorious for its early - and late - night bars, so I had no idea what to expect.

One of my favorite places is the Auto Club in New Iberia, where I know it because it's in a village called Lowerville. The club was built in the late 1960s and early 1970s, right on the corner of the

Cormier was inducted into the Lakeshore Hall of Fame in 1990, Breaux was elected in 1993 and Cormier and his wife Linda were inducted into the Lakeshore Hall of Fame. He ran the Juke Box and helped found several clubs, including Mamou's, which he had not founded either.

The March event celebrated the chef who created the best casket in Louisiana, and I attended the Rendez - Vous des Cajuns, played by a group of Baton Rouge area musicians and some local bands.

The show featured a mix of Cajun, Zydeco, Jazz, Country, Blues, Folk, Rock and Country. During the program, we will also present a live performance by the Baton Rouge Jazz Orchestra, a local band. The atmosphere of the show was enhanced by the lively music of Cjun and Zydeeco, as well as the live performances of some local musicians.

Blue Moon is a club on Lake Charles located in the heart of the Cajun / Zydeco neighborhood, just blocks from the Louisiana State University campus. Chick's brother Rayburn Vidrine has worked at the club for over 25 years and has seen many appearances. One of my favourite performers I've seen at this club is Antoine "Fats" Domino, and he plays with Blackie and his band. We are in a very Cajiun area and have no problems with drinking and dancing, so

When Cat Doucet was sheriff of the community in 1936, 1940, 1952 and 1968, many of these old community dance halls swirled openly in open bebe when they were open, and brawls were commonplace when we traveled to the city's bars.

In his search, Sharp gathered information about the dance halls in Eunice and other communities in the area. The information was organized by the names of the dance venues, the city and the municipality, and all the information available for each location was displayed with their names. For the dance halls that were once in and around E unice, he could obtain information about the names, addresses, telephone numbers and addresses of the dancers and their families.

Of the state's 1,600 ballrooms, nearly 200 are in the St. Landry parish. Plaquemines Parish is less than 100, and the highest concentration of venues is shared only with Lafayette Parish and part of the New Orleans area. Whites from the countryside across the South moved to the Baton Rouge suburbs and brought their culture. The website lists all dance venues in Eunice and other Louisiana communities, from the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi to beach towns in Mississippi and Alabama.

More About Eunice

More About Eunice